1.   Why you should choose Turkey as a cıtızenshıp?

Turkey is always attractive, with its key position between Europe, Asia and Middle East. It has been home to countless civilizations and a crossing point between the continents over centuries. It has industrialized and emerging market economy and thanks to that Turkey has become the 6th largest economy of Europe and 18th in the world. It is predicted to be the 12th largest economy in the world. Turkish passport holders have visa free entry/visa on arrival access to 113 countries; including practically all of Latin America and many Asian and African countries.

Turkey allows dual citizenship, so foreigners don’t need to leave their former citizenship in order to get Turkish citizenship. People from all over the world can visit Turkey for tourism, work, business and other purposes.


2.   Program Highlights:

Turkish Citizenship:

The regulation regarding acquiring Turkish citizenship is amended by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers dated 18.09.2018 and is entered into force as of its publish date on Official Gazette 19 September, 2018. Thereby, “Regulation of Amending the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law Regulation” made multiple amendments that apply to foreigners who have ambition to acquire Turkish citizenship or make investments in Turkey as follow: The minimum worth of real estate that was required from foreigners to purchase is reduced to USD 250.000 or equivalent foreign exchange/ Turkish Liras from USD 1.000.000.


People, who are thinking to live and work permanently in Turkey, should apply for Turkish citizenship. There are many opportunity and programs for Turkish citizen. People who are Turkish citizen or accepted as a Turkish citizen can join any program which is the most suitable for them. The requirements of programs are different from each others.


In the following sub-headings, People who want to have Turkish citizenship can find answer to their questions about Turkish citizenship, Turkish passport and how to have them.

Turkey citizenship through Investment programs:

Like many other countries, Turkey also have passport through investment programs with minimal requirement of stay in the country. Citizenship through investment has many options of making investment in the country. These programs are actually in the benefits of the country because your investment may generate revenue for the country and create jobs for the local citizens. The following options are available for fast passport by investment in Turkey.

1.   Acquırıng turkısh cıtızenshıp by buyıng real estate:

The program aims to enhance  the value of the real estate, business and so on in turkey. It is one of the fastest ways of acquiring citizenship. If you make an investment in Turkey by buying property/real estate which is cost at least 250.000 US dollars, you can have Turkish citizenship immediately. However keep in mind, you are not be allowed to sell this property up to three years, You have to make a commitment not to sell this property and to keep it under  your name for three years. Other than that you are allowed to make use of this property for any business or other purposes.

2.   Ownıng a property to acquıre a turkısh cıtızenshıp:

In this program, there is no limit of investment or value of property. If you buy any property with actual value that shall not be less than 250.000 US dollars, but you have to record a pledge not to sell the property for a period of 3 years according to Turkish citizenship granting conditions. You are allowed to make use of this property for any business and other purposes.

3.   Investıng  in Company for Turkish Citizenship:

If you invest at least 500.000 US dollars in Turkish company, you can apply fast-track citizenship. But you cannot withdraw your investment for a period of 3 years.

4.   Bank deposit Program:

If you make a fixed deposit with amount of 500.000 US dollarsin Turkish bank, you have a right to apply for Turkish citizenship. You cannot withdraw your money within the period of 3 years.

5.   Startıng a Business/establıshıng a company to have Turkish Passport:

Setting up a business organization or establishing a company which costs 500.000 US dollars gives you right to live permanently in Turkey. However, There is one major condition for that. Your business or company must create new employment opportunities for 50 local citizens. If you meet this requirement, you can get citizenship on fast track.

6.   It’s a great investment opportunity:

Thanks to growing economy of Turkey, if conditions are efficient, the value of your estate can be double within 3 years.


1.   How does Turkish citizenship acquisition work?

When you buy properties valued above 250.000 USD, You can apply to (Tapu Office) General Directorate of land Registry and Cadastre and you can demand to obtain Turkish citizenship.

After the application, they check the appraisal Report and bank transfer documents. Tapu Office gives Approval for citizenship in between 3 to 7 days. With this citizenship approval, we apply to the Immigration Office desk on the same day without waiting for an appointment for a contemporary residence permit. With the approval and residence permit, we apply finally to General Directorate of Population and Citizenship on the same day. After Tapu application, all process is followed in a special Citizenship Information Office in Istanbul and Ankara. They finalize citizenship acquisition between 45 and 60 days.


Yes. You, your wife (or husband) and all your children under the age of 18 (on the application date) may get citizenship.

3.   whıch one do you recommend? buyıng a property worth $ 250.000? or Buying multiple properties with a total of $ 250.000?

Both options are valid way to have Turkish Citizenship. You might buy several properties which have a cumulative value of more than 250.000 USD. You need to apply at the same time for all. Tapu office accepts citizenship applications if the declared values are above 250.000 USD.

4.   What is the responsibility of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization?

The Ministry verifies if the value declared on Title Deed correct and above 250.000 USD with sworn appraisers. All the property value should be paid by bank transfer to all the payments must be made with a bank transfer to owner of property.

5.   How CAN I calculate the exchange rate of USD and TL?

On the application date, Tapu Office calculates the value from the Turkish Central Bank selling rate (efektif satış kuru).

6.   How long does this process take?

The government has opened a special Citizenship office to reduce time but stil it takes times between 45 and 60 days.

7.   Will my citizenship automatically be granted when I fulfill the conditions?

No, the citizenship approval is contingent upon verification from archive records of NATIONAL SECURITY UNITS that the applicant poses no threat to national security.

8.   May I buy commercial properties with rental income and get Turkish Citizenship through investment?

Yes, any property you buy is counted.

9.   It seems complicated to apply and get Turkish Citizenship. Will I have an assistant for this process?

Expert team of AVRASYA PORT COMPANY (Turkey) and N A Global Investments (Pvt) Ltd(Sri Lanka)will be with you to lead you all through the process. We guarantee 100% satisfaction to our customers on their journey to reach their dream homes.



10.               I do not have time to come to Turkey. How can I get Turkish Citizenship?

If you send AVRASYA PORT COMPANY power of attorney, we will follow up all process from the beginning until the end for you

11.  How many people may apply for on one Title Deed?

Only one person and his first degree relative can have citizenship.

12.               I bought property in Turkey previously. May I apply for citizenship now?

Title deed applications (at Tapu Office) after 18.09.2018 may obtain Turkish citizenship by investment. Therefore, person who bought property in Turkey before 18.9.2018 couldn’t apply for citizenship by buying real estate

13. Do my mother and father obtain citizenship in Turkey? What about my child above 18 years old?


14. I have an invalid (disabled) child above 18 years old? What about his/her situation?

Your child who is incapable of taking care of him/herself can become Turkish citizens with parents But they have to fill in application form which explain their situation. Also documents should be attached to medical reports

15.               What are the required documents for citizenship?

AVRASYA PORT COMPANY team helps you to supply all needed documents after you purchase property with us.


16.  If citizenship process might take 2 months time, Do I get Residence Permit on  during the application process?

Residence permit (no:6458/31-J) is granted to you and your family. We get Residence Permit on the same day after property approval without any waiting time.

17.               Do I have to renounce my current citizenship when I become a Turkish citizen?

No, Turkish laws allow dual or multiple citizenships. If your own stateregulation allows dual citizenships, you can continue to have your current citizenships besides Turkish citizenships

18.               Is it possible to have dual nationality in Turkey?

Yes, Turkey allows dual nationality, but you should check with your consulate regarding your original nationality because some countries like India, China, and Saudi Arabia do not recognize or have certain restrictions in place regarding dual nationality.

19.               Is there any critical point that I should know?

Ministry wants to be sure that the value is minimum 250.000 USD. Sworn property valuation companies verify that the price is correct in order to prevent from price fraud. Appraisers might have up to %20 deviation (difference) than its sales price. Therefore AVRASYA PORT COMPANY advises you to buy property calculating this evaluation.

BAYKURT HUKUK is a Law Office, which is founded in 1998 in Istanbul by Lawyer “Av.H.Mehmet BAYKURT”.

The office team is composed of 10 professional Lawyers. The law office covers all the geographies of our clients; we offer high quality and professional legal services to our clients, national and international companies.


We provide legal support to our clients for carrying out the transactions required by real estate law; such as the purchase and sale of real estate, usufruct, easements, mortgages and real estate rights.

2. Real-Estate Law:

We represent our clients at all stages of settlement or litigation arising and real estate matters.

3. Trade Law :

We offer comprehensive and high quality ethical and professional legal services to our clients, national and international companies. Between the different sectors of activity in which we work intensively, there is; construction, tourism, agribusiness, transportation, information and advertising.

4. The Aliens Act:

According to the Turkish Constitution, there is no discrimination between citizens and foreigners in the field of fundamental rights and freedoms. However, some special rights, such as political rights, are not intitled to foreigners.

5. International Trade:

Our team is ready to share with you its experience in the field of international Trade.

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